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50 Years of Hot Tub Innovations - Yet Surprisingly Affordable

Jacuzzi® is the brand that invented the hot tub over 50 years ago and their innovative engineering designs continue to lead the industry with over 250 patents worldwide. Jacuzzi ® is the largest manufacturer of hot tubs in the world and all Jacuzzi ® hot tubs are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality guidelines in the United States. Jacuzzi ® hot tubs are constantly advancing in hydrotherapy knowledge and always staying on top of the leading edge in the hot tub industry.

Energy Efficiency

Don't be fooled by the rhetoric you will hear about hot tubs that are built "for our climate". Genuine Jacuzzi ® Hot Tubs have been tested in extreme cold climates worldwide. Jacuzzi ® builds one of the world's most energy efficient hot tubs. Others may claim they are more efficient however we have the facts to prove it. Check it out

Arctic Home Living of Anchorage ONLY sells genuine quality products.

Why?  Because we are committed to providing only the highest quality hydrotherapy products and service to customers in Anchorage at competitive prices. A hot tub or pool is usually the third major purchase after buying your home and a car. Take the time to compare all of the features and benefits to ensure that your new pool or hot tub will meet your needs and fit your budget. You wouldn't buy a new car without taking a test drive first, so don't forget to arrange for a test soak of your new hot tub. Jacuzzi's ® patented 50-50 air-to-water ratio and soft jet system delivers the ultimate experience in hydrotherapy massage.